Hoodies are a group in Club Penguin consisting of penguins who wear various types of hoodies.


Hoodies are generally anti-prep and pookie. They hate (and are hated by) the preps in particular. Some believe the Hoodies are dying out. This may be because they are relocating to private servers, or because the black hoodie hasn't returned in a while.


Hoodies are most known for dressing in a black hoodie. They may wear other hoodies, but brightly colored ones are uncommon. Some penguins may wear either of the Penguin Band hoodies, and females sometimes wear the purple hoodie. Custom hoodies are an alternative for newer penguins.

Another common item Hoodies wear is the pearl necklace, since it regularly returns in Ruby and the Ruby. Girls are usually seen with the befluttered, flutterby, or flitter flutter, though many other wigs are acceptable. Boys generally wear the sunstriker or firestriker.